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About Us

Kwacha Basket is an online platform for buying, selling and advertising goods and services. The purpose of Kwacha basket is to create a more convenient and more reliable platform for buyers, sellers, service providers and service seekers. At Kwacha Basket, we have a wide array of online adaptable services to offer our clients basing on their needs and preferences. We consider each of our client to be as an individual since one procedure doesn’t fit all with online based business. Kwacha Basket will work intimately with you to discover the methodologies that lead to genuine, online achievement.

Possibilities are progressively beginning their purchaser’s excursions on the web, and this is just going to get increasingly articulated as they get increasingly acquainted with, and subject to, utilizing the web to help the purchasing procedure.


As an online marketplace and advertiser, we have set up online instruments to enhance our exhibition in each period of the present regular purchasing process. Those associations that do the best occupation of supporting the purchaser’s online excursion will build their chances, have a more advantageous deals pipeline, and convert a higher level of possibilities to clients. Our approach can be properly defined through our research, decision making and support

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Our Vision

To turn into the national online shopping gateway of decision, while keeping up a wide range of choices to our users. To create a conducive atmosphere for buyers and sellers that will give birth to a strong relationship between the two parties involved (Buyer and Seller, Service provider and Service Seeker). In the quest of achieving this, our team keep on developing and using cutting edge technologies and work procedures to ensure that the parties involved are satisfied with our services.

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Our Mission

The mission of Kwacha Basket is to strive to be a strong and reliable partner in all areas of its business activities. To further offer an online, easy to use, cost effective, quality guaranteed, service orientated shopping and advertisement method for individuals, companies, government and private institutions. Privately based help and network duty, combined with trusted online purchases and advertisement are the backbone of our business model.


Our Core Values

The work we do matters. We understand the importance of what our clients do for a living, hence our adverts tells a story and communicates in a number of different ways. What we do is not just a project to us. These are the lives and the dreams of our clients … and we are honored to be considered a trusted online marketplace to the people we serve.