Mpl Clean Hands Sanitizer

70% ethanol sanitizer gel is the perfect solution to help prevent the spread of viruses, Covid-19 in particular. On the go protection brought to you by Malawi Pharmacies. Avoid infection with clean hands.


Mpl Perfumed Petroleum Jelly

Mpl Petroleum Jelly moisturizes the  skin, protecting it from chafing and discomfort caused by moisture loss. Well perfumed, and suitable for your body’s delicate skin. Dermatologically tested and approved 


Mpl Petroleum Jelly- Skin Soft

A skin barrier can lead to dryness and itching. A moisturizing cream helps reinforce the skin barrier with hydrating ingredients that replenishes skin barrier components. Mpl Petroleum Jelly- Skin Soft is the solution.

Mpl Camphor Cream Skin Soft

Mpl Camphor cream is readily absorbed by the skin and it creates a cool sensation. It provides many benefits such as reducing itching and irritation, strengthening hair roots and also help you boosting hair growth.


Mpl Hand & Body Skin Lotion

A light hydrating and moisturising lotion, with our unique Mpl Hand & Body Skin Lotion. Quickly absorbs into the skin, ideal for everyday use. Non-greasy massage application. Apply to hands and entire body, concentrating on dry areas.


Mpl Moisturing Cream Skin Soft

Malawi Pharmacy Limited  Moisturing Cream Skin Soft Delivers soothing hydration as specialized ingredients break apart surface darkening and exfoliate it away. Instantly brightens, clarifies. It helps to condition and calm the skin.

Mpl Moisturizing Lotion-Skin Soft

Mpl Moisturizing Lotion-Skin Soft 100 ml has a lightweight formula that controls oil for a matte, shine-free look. Oil-free hydration improves skin strength. Keep your skin moisturized with Mpl Moisturizing Lotion


Mpl Cocoa Butter Skin Lotion

Mpl Cocoa Butter Skin Lotion is blended with  cocoa butter and glycerine to quench and relieve moisture-starved skin. Protects you from dryness caused by over-exposure; helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles


Mpl Glycerine

Malawi Pharmacy Limited Glycerine 110ml can be used all over the body to provide rich moisture and improve dryness. Use on hair, skin and nails to restore suppleness and a natural glow. Keep your skin smooth and moisturized with Mpl Glycerine

Mpl Pediatric Syrup- Paramol

Mpl Pediatric Syrup-Paramol  is a medication used to treat pain and fever in infants and children. Typically used for mild to moderate pain relief. Ingredients are paracetamol, syrup, food color and flavor. If not relieved within 3 days consult your doctor

Mpl Confidence Anti-Dandruff Conditioner

Wear any style from braids, twists to extensions without irritation, dryness or flakes. Our Mpl Confidence Anti-Dandruff Conditioner nourishes and calms the scalp. It relieves discomfort and keeps hair healthy


Mpl Whitfield Ointment

Mpl Whitfield Ointment-Compound benzoic Acid Ointment helps prevent infection caused by bacteria.The acid helps the body shed rough or dead skin cells. Used to treat skin irritation and inflammation.

Mpl Methylated Spirit- Medicated

Mpl Methylated Spirit- Medicated is used for hard surface cleaning, disinfecting, window, mirror and glass cleaning. Used in household  general cleaning, cleaning of wounds and its  ability to serve your industrial needs

Mpl Moisturizing Cream Skin Soft

Mpl Moisturizing Cream Skin Soft will erase past damage to create a more even skin tone while protecting skin from future darkening. Delivers soothing hydration as specialized ingredients break apart surface.

Mpl Hair Oil Medicated

MPL Hair Oil Medicated 135g is an effective treatment for maintaining strong and healthy hair. Specially formulated with lanolin an d glycerin to help add moisture, whilst added menthol helps soothe and soften the scalp.


Mpl Highland Vinegar

Mpl Highlands artificial vinegar (brown and white ) This malawian delicate flavour fits well with fresh salad, vegetables, fish and white sauces. Keep in mind that flavored vinegar should be stored in the refrigerator because some dangerous bacteria can grow in acidic environment

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